The inimitable taste of Bavarian Beer
Bavarian beers don’t need presentations: their inimitable aroma, their unmistakable taste, the foam that caresses the lips, the full and dense taste of an emotion that is difficult to forget. Imitated all over the world, equalled by nothing.

Our beers are all rigorously and unequivocally Bavarian: fresh, tapped in the German style and served in original jugs. While you enjoy the full taste of a true beer made in Germany, delighting your palate, you will just have to close your eyes to feel about you the embrace of the Bavarian atmosphere and, reopening them, perhaps you will be surprised of not being in Germany for real.

Let yourself be pampered by unique taste of the greatest bavarian delight

Kulmbacher Edelkum

The pride of the master brewers of Kulmbach, a pilsner with a full and dry taste: the best way to taste the tradition and quality of the Bavarian lager. A choice that makes never repent.


A blonde beer, double malt, with a character and a long tradition: It was anciently produced by Franconian friars, amongst the most famous producers of beer of all times. For those who love strong emotions.

Kapuziner Weisse

The beer that bears the name of our restaurant: a wise mixture of barley and wheat gives a particular and inimitable taste to this really lively and thirst-quenching weizen. For those who love trying new experiences.


One of the best Bavarian red beers, with a very intense colour denoting its very strong character and its full and thirst-quenching taste. The sweetness of red beers mixed with the intense taste of double malt. For the most demanding palates.
The above-listed four beers are only some examples of our production of original Bavarian beers. Among the others we wish to mention the intriguing Kloster Schwarzbier black beer, produced with roasted malt, which discloses a sweet and candid soul in spite of its extremely black body; and Mönchshof, Munich’s blonde for excellence.

Come to discover our exclusive catalogue of Bavarian beers!

What can be combined with our beers?

What beer is best combined with each one of our traditinal dishes?
Is it better a red beer with homemade knödeln or a blonde beer with original Vienna sausages? If you have any hesitations, please ask our staff for the best Bavarian coupling, to taste a typically German menu. Instead, if you want to have the pleasure to choose, experiment new combinations and let your instinct drive you.

Bavarian tapping

A good beer is not enough to delight the most refined palates if it is not tapped in the correct way. A perfect beer is tapped by tilting the glass under the tap and making the beer go down slowly and without interruptions untill its foam escapes from the glass edge. Don’t be amazed if you have to await three or four minutes to receive your beer: it is a guarantee that it has undergone the original Bavarian technique.


Beer is very ancient, more than people usually think: the first evidence of the existence of beer dates back to the seventh millennium B.C., as the Sumerians already produced and tasted it, even giving a religious meaning to it. Beer has crossed the centuries, always remaining one of the most beloved drinks and up to becoming one of the most popular drinks, thanks to the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century. The most ancient and consolidated traditions of beer belong to the German and Dutch monasteries of medieval times.

Particularly in Munich, beer is a true object of worship: it is not by chance that every year the city becomes the capital of beer thanks to the Oktoberfest, an event that summons more than 6 million people. We wish to bring you a little fragment of this atmosphere and tradition, committing ourselves to offer you a meticulousness and a passion inherited directly from Munich.